Authenticate a specific user against a plugin / verify user in plugin context

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I would like to know if I can have front to authenticate a user against a front plugin. The plugin does receive an auth_secret but it is a global value and can easily be traced in the http inspector.

  1. Is there an option to have an auth_secret per user that only that user can see?
  1. How secure is the `tea_XXXX` id I can find in ``. I think that these don’t seem to be not visible / guessable on the front end?

Basically, how sure can I be that in the context that my plugin receives, the teammate is actually the currently logged in front teammate and that the context has not been tampered with?





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I’ll start with the Teammate ID - this is not necessarily a secret/secure field; each Teammate has their own tea_… ID which is accessible via the API. It’s only possible to guess a Teammate’s ID if you can log in to Front as that teammate; as an outsider, you wouldn’t be able to determine the ID of a teammate in another Front account. 

The Auth secrets are generated per-plugin, so for all teammates using the same plugin, the auth secret will be the same for all of them. The auth secret itself is exposed only in your Developer > Plugin settings, so only your Front admins can access this field. You may want to consider setting a Content Security Policy on your application to ensure it is only accessible via requests issued from Front, and perform server-side validation on the auth_secret to prevent exposing your auth_secret to the client-side. 

I hope this is helpful!


Could you please guide me on how I can access this Teammate ID in my plugin code? I'm interested in using this information to ensure that actions within my plugin are associated with the currently logged-in Front teammate.

Any code examples or documentation links related to accessing the Teammate ID via the Front plugin would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!

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