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  • 26 April 2023
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Hey everyone, I’ve been trying to use Front API to list deleted conversations from a specific inbox (to be more specific, conversations within inbox spam, which mean they were already deleted on Gmail when brought to Front). 

When I (manually) copy a conversation id from the inbox spam and use the Get Conversation endpoint, it does bring me the conversation and its status show “deleted”. However, when I use the List inbox conversations endpoint it does not bring me any deleted conversation, even when passing the query parameter (q=deleted) as suggested in Front documentation

I have tried the Search conversations endpoint as well, as suggested in this post, but still without success. 

Can anyone help me please? Also, both conversations moved to Trash in front and conversations which  were already deleted on Gmail when brought to Front (becoming Spam in Front) have the “deleted” status, is there no way to differentiate them? 

Thank you :)


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Hi danielrsenna,

I’m Evan, from Front’s support engineering team! 

Conversations under the Spam and Trash tabs in an inbox appear with a single status of deleted through the API.  You can submit this as a feature request on our Product Ideas Portal.

However, for the requests without results, one of our support engineers is reaching out to troubleshoot this unexpected behavior.  Thank you!


Thank you, Evan! I’ll submit the request and, in the meantime, I’ll try finding a way to differentiate Spam and Trash somehow for my automation :)

I am already in touch with the support engineer to solve the issue with the API.

Thank you!