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  • 31 October 2023
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I’m trying to send a SMS message on a Twilio channel using the API and Postman with a contact card / vcard and it doesn’t appear to play well with attachment files. Or maybe something is missing in the documentation.

I get a success response, and the sms comes through with the attachment, however the attachment doesn’t use the name or the file type so the user can’t just tap the attachment to add to contacts.
It does show up correctly in the Front UI.

From API Response:

"attachments": [
"id": "fil_231iuypv",
"url": "",
"filename": "vcard.vcf",
"content_type": "text/x-vcard",
"size": 2238,
"metadata": {
"is_inline": false

 How the message comes through. It shows as a plain text file that you have to download, then rename to open. It should use the name provided from Postman.



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Hi Ray,

I’m going to reach out to you via email to get some more specific information to this case.


Hello! I have come across the same issue when trying to send .vcf files. Did you find any luck @jason @ray_holland 

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Hi @becca 

It looks like this is a bug on Front’s side 😳

Our team are working on it. We’ll share an update here when it’s been resolved