Add tag via link? (Kind of RSVP)

  • 4 April 2024
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Hi there!
I’m looking for a smart way how to catch-up again with customers later - if they would love to.

We frequently get request from customers e.g. where they can buy our products (if out of stock).
Out team replies that the given product is currently out of stock but will be available again soon.

We would love to give the customer the choice:
"If you would like to be notified as soon as the product is available, click this LINK."

Kind of RSVP. If the customer clicks the link, Front should somehow add a dedicated TAG to the conversation (or put the customer contact to a list or anything else). Our goal is that we can easily find, follow up and inform those customers later. 

I can imagine of a lot of similar scenarios for this: feature requests, keep-me-posted on delays, RSVP, etc.

How can this be solved best?



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Hi Paul! 

I could see this working with some additional logic on your backend and using the API. Based on what you’ve shared, the general workflow may look a little something like this: 

Recipient clicks link in message > link click would send info to webhook > webhook would make a request to Front’s API to search conversations > await response and get conversation ID > webhook would then make a request to Front’s API to add tag to conversation

The trick here is having a way to lookup or identify the message when the recipient selects the link in their unique message. You may have some thoughts on how you want this to operate already, but I’ll share an example of how this could work. 

The conversation would need to have some unique identifier that you could pass to your webhook. This could be a unique ID in the subject or body that could be fetched via our search endpoint. Using this endpoint, you should be able to get the conversation ID. From there, you could utilize the aforementioned add tag to conversation endpoint. 



Hi @justin !
Thanks for sharing this approach.
I was wondering if the link itself could already contain the conversation ID using e.g. conversation.public_id / message.public_id (or something) variable from a message template? 
Don’t know if it is possible to hand this somehow over to a web hook?

Sorry, I’m not a developer …

Thanks a lot

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Hey Paul!

Great question! That’s a great consideration for Front’s message variables. As long as you include the conversation ID in the link itself (insert link) and are accepting the conversation ID on your webhook’s end as a URL param, this could work. 

I’m including the insert link note since adding a url and the tagging a conversation ID variable may not be seen as part of the link. For example:{{conversation.public_id}} in the message body would link by default and have cnv_xxxx appended as text to the end. As a result, the link would direct to, not 

To get the conversation ID included, you would need to highlight the full link and select ‘Insert link’. This should allow the entire url highlighted to be linked and include the conversation ID. You can verify this by hovering over the url afterward.