Teammate Transparency/Multiple companies using Teams

  • 10 March 2023
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Hello. I am looking for suggestions, tried sales and sent a support ticket, but there is no reply. 

I would like to set up my clients as individual, siloed TEAMS. They would have full access to the other users on their team (all 50 users at a salon), 100 users on another team at an insurance company, and 5 people on another team at a dance studio for example. 

The idea is that the Salon would have about 50 people doing scheduling, having a shared inbox, individual google business emails etc. They could use Front, well, like Front.  But, today, when I started to set them up, I noticed a user in 1 team can see ALL of the other members of every other team, this does not seem right to me.  In fact, my client noticed it before I did and was like why do I see this person and that person, who are those people? 

I want to add them to MY account so I can get stuff pushed to me from them that I need to take care of, and they can share messages and chat with each other and me but NOT the insurance company users.

This is disconcerting to me.  Why would you put people in teams, give them access to only certain boxes and then make them visible to the entire system?  Am I doing something wrong? Surely, this was not meant to work this way. 


Help, and thanks so much. Love this product but I feel like I have to look elsewhere for something when this product WAS magical until today. 

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Hi Anthony,

I believe our team has responded to you privately outside of this developer community. It seems to me that your teams/workspaces are members of different companies, while Front normally thinks of those individuals as members of different teams at the same company, which is why the access is transparent.

If you continue your discussion with a support or sales member, they may be able to help you further, but it may be that the use case is simply not aligned with the typical one Front handles.

Hope that helps,