Sharepoint Onedrive integration

I see a google drive and Dropbox plugin. Is there an idea to also develop a plugin for SharePoint / OneDrive. Where you can easily select documents to share them with a client or directly upload files from mails into SharePoint?

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Hi @Nico Prevoo 


You can visit our Ideas portal and search for “Onedrive” and “Sharepoint” and cast a vote for those integration ideas. Our Product team uses those votes to inform their prioritization.



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Great question @Nico Prevoo - I especially like the idea of being able to right-click (Windows) on an attached file and have a “Save As” choice, that allowed for choosing any local or cloud-connected storage option, such as SharePoint or OneDrive.
Here’s the Ideas Portal Link to one SharePoint integration idea I’ve upvoted.  Also, here’s a prior Discussion Thread on this topic, started about 4 months ago, that you might find of interest.