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  • 21 June 2023
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Hello Front Community! Happy to be here - I had a question regarding the type of apps/plugins you can create using the developer platform. 

Long story short, our team has integrated Front’s new Chatbot builder:

I’m curious, if you are able to build an app that can dynamically answer based on the customer’s question/input? 

For instance, we would like to dynamically suggest help desk articles to the user based on their question - through an API my company already has working. 

Is this possible?


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Hi @addison-gitbook 

That's a very cool idea! Right now the chat bot feature you referenced is limited to collecting information using the pre-defined questions and answer fields.

In the future, we do hope to add more categorization features to the chatbot flow to have a conversation automatically tagged and categorized as a visitor moves through the bot conversation flow (which you might be able to use after they submit the message to hand off to your own bot).

As for dynamically creating responses, I'd suggest you post this in our product ideas portal to make our Product team aware of this ask - I can see this kind of integration being an extremely powerful feature!


Thanks for the reply Jason! Will make a request, it would be awesome to see!