Documentation suggestion: Add new page/section on how to open a message/conversation in the Front app

  • 16 May 2024
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I think the developer documentation under your “Guides” section needs to include a page on how to link to messages and conversations in the Front web app.

I went to the high level “Guides” section hoping to find information on this, and couldn’t, so had to turn to Google and found two related conversations in these forums from other users who had the same question:

In both instances, there were confusing responses from the Front team that the links returned from the API under the _links property could be used to link to the Front app, however this is not the case. You need to construct the URL yourself with{message_or_convseration_id}

Here is the relevant API Reference pages for conversations and messages:

I think there could be either a new page under Guides / Fundamentals that discusses this, or at least adding a section to the Guides / Fundamentals / Search page that discusses this.

My specific use case is using the API to search for a specific conversation (using the subject of an email we get), and then linking to that conversation so users in my company can access that in the Front app. I went to the Fundamentals / Search page to find out how to search, but it didn’t mention anything about being able to link to the app.

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Thanks for your feedback and for helping improve our docs! We’ve updated the reference pages discussing how to open conversations, and have opened a ticket with our docs team to evaluate creating a more fully-fledged guide.