API access to Teammate Groups (not contact groups)

  • 1 July 2023
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I understand that Teammate Groups is a relatively new feature, which might explain why it’s not available in the API yet, but I was wondering when/if we might gain access to those groups of Front users that we define and use for managing Inbox access, etc. (found in the app under Settings > Company > Teammate groups).

So far, references to “teammate groups” in the API documentation seem to reference contact groups owned by a team member, which is not what I’m looking for.

Perhaps this question is also related to Front’s SCIM functionality–is there any documentation related to that functionality?

1 reply

Hi Tim,

Thanks for the suggestion!

Adding API endpoints for teammate Groups hasn’t been scheduled yet, but is something we have heard requested from several customers. If you login and vote for the feature in our Aha portal, you will be notified of any updates.

Some of our Identity Provider integrations allow you to automatically sync Groups. You can also find some instructions on using our SCIM API to integrate with a different Identity Provider in this help center article, including Group sync.


Product Manager @ Front