About Message ID and detecting mail or multiple mails within conversation

  • 14 February 2023
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I am currently visioning kind of an order recognizion plugin which potentially could automatically detect which orders does the conversation consider.

Idea behing this is that we currently do add the Message ID of received orders to the order itself while adding it to our ERP. This helps greatly but I’d like to make it even easier and potentially with added possibility to even edit the orders via iFrame element within Front.

But to make it happen, I would need to know if it’s even possible to create a plugin with a function to detect multiple Message ID:s from conversation (and then do the math with the data which comes from the ERPs server)?

What do yo say? Would it be possible or would you have better ideas? 😊

3 replies

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Hi Mika,


The use case you are describing is in fact a very good fit for plugins. I think a good place to start would be to use the listMessages function to retrieve all the messages for the conversation that a user has selected in Front. The function will return the properties of each Message, which will give you the ID and body content.

Is that what you are looking for or do you have another approach you’re looking to test?


That sounds really promising, thanks for your quick reply Javier. 🙂

Additional question within the subject. Could this also work the other way around? I mean that if a Message ID is detected, would it be possible not only to pull data from ERP to that iFrame plugin but also so that certain value from that data would be added to the conversation as a link?

I’d assume it might be, and would actually make a big difference to our way to do things.

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Hi Mika,

Yes, you should be able to add a link to the conversation. There is a plugin function called addLink that can help you do so. I think this is your best bet since you’re intending to build a plugin.


Alternatively, you can add Links to conversations via the Core API (but sounds like you would benefit from actually having a plugin).

I can’t say too much right now, but Front is also making improvements to how custom objects from external systems are linked to Front in the UI itself, to make it even easier to set up these connections.