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Introducing Application Channels!

  • 10 March 2023
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You can now add channel types as features to Front apps. This makes it much easier to create new channel types, eliminating the need to submit a form and request channel credentials from Front. Instead, you can configure a server for your channel and obtain the App UID and App secret directly from your app settings.


As part of this change, “partner channels” have been renamed to “application channels” to emphasize that you can now self-serve channels through the Front apps available on the Developers page in your Front settings.


The functionality of application channels remains the same, and any existing partner channels have been migrated to the new application channels Developers page experience (Settings > Developers).


In addition to being able to create channel types directly in Front apps, we’re also launching the ability to select between two timeline options when you create a channel type:

  • Standard timeline (ideal for email-like channels)
  • Chat timeline (ideal for real-time chat-like channels)

Learn more about the timeline options on our Developer Portal.



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