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Add webhooks to your app

  • 16 February 2023
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Add webhooks to your app
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You can now add webhooks directly to your app! This allows apps to get real-time notifications when relevant events happen (e.g. a message is received, a comment is added, a tag is added), which is important for use cases like bots, data sync, and analytics/reporting.

Adding webhooks to your integrations no longer requires end users to manually configure the webhook through rules anymore. Instead, you can configure the webhook as a feature of your app in the Developers page in Front. Previously, developers building apps had to ask users to manually set up a webhook rule when installing their app, which was a poor user experience.


Learn more on our Developer Portal:

  • How to add a webhook feature to an app
  • Detailed webhooks information—Note that you can still configure webhooks through rules, but that this new way of configuring webhooks simply makes partner apps more powerful and gives you more options for employing webhooks. The topic on the Developer Portal has more information on when to use one version or the other.


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