Front Product Roadmap Webinar: June 2024 Edition

  • 24 May 2024
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Front Product Roadmap Webinar: June 2024 Edition
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It’s time for another highly-anticipated product roadmap webinar! Are you ready to see what's next for Front? We hosted an exclusive webinar where we unveiled our product roadmap and shared exciting new features and enhancements coming your way.

Check out the recording below:


In this live webinar, we covered:

  • AI enhancements: Preview the latest updates in AI for email, AI tagging, AI compose and summarize, and more.
  • Macros: Learn how to create shortcuts for agents, boosting efficiency and consistency across your team.
  • Enhanced insights: Discover new reports that provide a snapshot of your team’s workload and a bird's-eye view of your support team's live status for proactive decision-making.
  • Recent product releases: An overview of our latest updates.
  • Q&A session: Get answers to any questions about what we covered.

This webinar is for you if you’re a:

  • Front user aiming to get the most out of the platform.
  • Team leader or manager focused on improving collaboration and communication with Front.
  • Anyone interested in what we’re building at Front.

Drop any questions you have below and subscribe to the thread if you’d like to keep up with the Q&As about our roadmap 👀

7 replies

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I’ve just updated the webinar recording in the original post above, for anyone who missed it or would like to share with others! We’ll follow up in the coming days in this thread with the Q&As that we didn’t get to during the webinar, so click Subscribe if you’d like to be notified about those!

Thanks to everyone who shared your time with us today and for all the great questions — we’re excited to deliver these new features to you in the coming months 🥳

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Topic: Knowledge base

Below are the Q&As we didn’t get to answer live during the webinar.


For the knowledge base, two questions:

Can we set it up as a DNS, so it appears as our domain?

Will traffic help our domain's rankings or Front's?

Yes, we support custom domains (i.e., help.[your-domain].com), Instructions to set this up can be found here. And yes, you can also enable indexing on your Front Knowledge base domain to help support your SEO strategy. Instructions are here.


Are there any plans to enhance Knowledge Base User Permissions? Would love to use this But right now with some limitations it would share with our entire company which is not wanted.  We would want more control for Sharing Access.

If you’re referring to controlling teammates who can manage and edit your Knowledge Base content from within Front, we have access controls that support this today. Information on these permissions can be found here. In short, you can have admins or content editor roles.

Otherwise, if you’d like to control who can view the Knowledge Base site publicly/externally (i.e., requiring a login to access the Knowledge Base), we have an existing feature request to support this feature in our Ideas board called “Knowledge Base Permissions,” which we’ve added a vote to for you.


Does the Knowledge Base API include dynamic variables? i.e. If a name changes, would dynamically update across all articles that include that term?

No, you will need to update each relevant article in the Knowledge Base. We’d also encourage you to submit a request for this in our Ideas page! 

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Topic: Analytics

Below are the Q&As we didn’t get to answer live during the webinar.


Regarding reporting, for the Tagging report, will there ever be an ability to export the report with the subtags already nested under the main tags in the report? Today, when we export the report, all the tags are separate and we have to format the excel sheet to move all the subtags underneath the main tags. How can we submit this change as a product request if this is not already something planned for the future?

This is not currently planned, but we’ve added a vote for you on our Ideas portal here, under the request Allow Analytics to show nested tags”! You can also see the features and improvements we’re planning to release by clicking over to the “In the works tab” on the Ideas page.


Live dashboard accessble for specific people or within the team?

Access to the live dashboard is planned to follow the same access controls as our other Analytics features, meaning you can set up Company or Team Admin access, as well as custom permissions (which varies by plan).


When will the Live Dashboard be released? 

We are planning a release within the next 2 months!

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Topic: Macros

Below are the Q&As we didn’t get to answer live during the webinar.


The Front macros updates are super impressive to more easily move conversations across team inboxes. Do you see a world where macros can affect a singular message earlier in a conversation? I believe macros can only move whole conversations, but it would be AMAZING if they could create a copy of an earlier message in another team inbox.

It’s not currently planned for macros to duplicate messages, but it’s an interesting idea that we’d like to hear more about on our Ideas portal here! Please share your use cases so our product team can understand how you’d like to use it.


Will the macros release on June 25th include the new builder?

Yes, the new macros flow builder will be available on June 25!


Also with the macros, do you plan on pushing to accounting applications such as Quickbooks?

An integration with QuickBooks can be achieved with a macro and would require a Developer to help set up a Connector!


Will Macros be available for individual inboxes?

Right now, it’s only planned for shared inboxes!

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Topic: Ticketing

Below are the Q&As we didn’t get to answer live during the webinar.


How visible will the linked ticket window be? It sounds like it may not be completely decided yet.

We are continuing to explore design options, but you can generally expect linked tickets/discussions to have visibility similar to linked conversations today. 


Include followup question: Will the busy status make it so that your tickets that you’ve already started working on aren’t assigned out to other associates even if the given client reaches out through the thread while you’re busy?

Correct! While under the new “Busy” status, you’ll retain any conversations you are assigned to that receive a new activity (like a new inbound message). The “Busy” status will simply block you from receiving any new assignments. 

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Below are the remaining Q&As we didn’t get to answer live during the webinar.


We just started Front and wanted to check if we can sort emails instead of newest / oldest / not answered , to be sorted by sender or subject and so on ? 

We currently don’t have this sorting type available, but I’ve added your vote to it on our Ideas board! The available options for now are to sort by time.


Are there any plans on improving the calendar part of Front? We feel at the moment it is quite limited and sometime have to go back to Outlook to adjust meetings and the mobile app is only read-only

No calendar improvements in the works as of now, but we’d recommend submitting your feedback and requests for enhancements in our Ideas portal here! Our product team actively monitors the submitted ideas to inform our roadmap.


Would startihg a conversation/ discussion link eventually be automated into rules?

That’s a great idea – we’d love to hear any details and use cases over on our Ideas portal! 


Our company uses a standardized, dynamic signature for the company via GMail (since not all users are in Front). With signature management plug into that?

Signature management is a Front-specific feature, so it will not affect or plug into your signature management in Gmail. The two features don’t sync. Front’s team signatures are also standardized and have many dynamic variables to personalize!


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Topic: AI

Below are the Q&As we didn’t get to answer live during the webinar.


What is the expected timeframe for the beta version of the AI automatic tagging feature to be fully released?

We are currently beta-testing AI tagging, targeting an early release program this quarter, with an official launch hopefully next quarter! We’re working hard to ensure the feature is ready and impactful before launching. You’ll hear more info about it here in the community — subscribe to the Announcements section.


If an AI answer is incorrect, are we able to identify what in our KB, website, etc. led to that answer (so we can update properly)? more towards a department email which is not directly connected with Front

Yes, you have the option of pulling two exports to understand your AI Answers history. The first option will provide an export of all AI Answers history from the report's timeframe. The second option will export the AI Answers history of resolved conversations. Both exports will also include a link to the article that informed the AI Answer. By running a comparison between the two exports, you can isolate those unresolved AI Answers conversations and investigate what in the articles led to an unsatisfactory answer. 


Around what time are you targeting rollout for “AI compose enhancements”?

This is coming on June 25! Stay tuned for the announcement.