Can you perform AI Chatbot Testing in Preview Mode?

  • 2 July 2024
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Hello! I’m currently trying to configure the AI portion of my chatbot. I have set up an external facing knowledge base for the Chatbot to pull from. I have also editing my flow code to incorporate the AI answer feature after open-ended questions as well. However, every time I go to test the feature within the “Preview Mode” the AI Chatbot never produces any answers to my question. Based on this I had a couple of questions:


  1. Does the AI feature only work on the User End?
  2. Is there another method of testing the AI Chatbot? I would like to see if my knowledge base needs to be updated before making the feature live to my users. 

1 reply

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Hi @jeswin_thomas ! 

Phoebe here with the Front team. 

Right now, only the user will see the AI replies. If AI is unable to resolve their query, the whole thread history will be visible in the thread that gets routed to your chat inbox in Front. 

To test out your AI replies, I’d recommend you enable AI answers on a sample chat widget, and install that widget on a privately hosted website so you can take a look at how it does with the knowledge base resources!