Include conversation number in autogenerated reply

  • 20 September 2023
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How can the Front conversation number be included in an auto reply response to an email inquiry?

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Hi @steve_bottorff

There are three ways to do this, each outlined here:

  1. Set up an auto-reply: With this option, you will create a rule to send an automatic reply whenever a new conversation is created. The automatic reply will include Front's Conversation ID, which is similar in concept to the Ticket # offered through traditional help desk solutions.
  2. Include in your signature: With this option, you can update your signature to include a short sentence referencing the Conversation ID.
  3. Build a custom reply through API/Zapier: With this option, you will leverage Front's API to create a ticket number experience for your users by creating a shared rule to send all new inbound messages to a webhook, or external endpoint to be processed. This webhook will be created by your development team or Zapier, depending on the direction you go down. We'll also want to ensure the rule only applies to every conversation once when the first message is received.

Our Help Center article also includes a video demonstration 😎

Hope that helps!