[From support breakout] Turning detractors into supporters

  • 22 September 2023
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What are one or two things your team does to turn your biggest detractors into supporters?

3 replies

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We launched the Front NPS survey rotation. As a company we strive to become more empathetic to our customers. One way that we get all employees involved is through engaging with customers who fill out our NPS surveys. We respond to all negative NPS surveys to ensure our customers know that their feedback is being received and actioned on. Feedback is taken seriously at Front, and we hope to turn detractors into supporters with this initiative. 

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Collaboration behind the scenes. 

Because we use Front, we have a high level of transparency within our interactions with customers. If a negative CSAT review comes in, or if a customer isn’t happy with Front, our teammates can see this-- and that’s a good thing!

We’re not robots, and we’re not perfect! Customers will be unhappy sometimes. Sometimes we’ll make a mistake and give the customer the wrong information. Sometimes there will be a bug in the platform. Sometimes we’ll have a high influx of messages on a given week, and we can’t get back to customers as fast as we want to! 

In cases like this, we’ll brainstorm in the comments section on how to best resolve the customer’s issue, often flagging the case to any other stakeholders (the Account Manager, for example) for additional context. We’ll also loop in any teammates who might have further insight (If it’s a bug, maybe this would be the Engineer working on that bug) to help set expectations and get some answers. We use the “share draft” feature to make sure the final email is proofread and hits the right tone. 

The customer just sees one email from one Fronteer, but behind the scenes, we’ve worked together to make sure that email touches on all of their concerns and has all the pieces needed to address their issue.


As Phoebe mentioned, Collaboration with my team has been key in turning detractors into supporters. One of the main collaboration points I used to get the team support, was to have every Front user provide feedback and ideas on how to improve user experience. We are constantly discussing how we are currently using Front and what pinch points are causing churn or slowdowns in their processes.


Using their ideas and feedback, I drill down into Front and the Front support page to help streamline the user experience. Once I come up with the rough draft process, I again engage the team to see if they agree with the plan and allow for them to tweak to fit their needs.


One specific example is an automated reply that is triggered by key words. We’ve set up message templates that get sent to our customer based on their requests and this provides a cushion for our team to action the request within our SLA’s.


Another thing that I use to convert detractors is praising the team when they have triumphs while using Front. The comment collaboration the team uses to tackle difficult emails and the customer feedback provided is used in our team meetings as success stories to keep the team motivated to pursue further innovation and collaboration in Front. This really pushes detractors to peek in and get in on the collaboration.