[From support breakout] Helpful tags for organization

  • 22 September 2023
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What are some of the most helpful tags used to organize conversations/tickets?

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How you organise your conversations or tickets with tags will depend on what your overall set up, and objective is! 😊

If your team works on a 'Subject Expert' model, where various teammates have more knowledge than others on certain topics, or you’re interested in knowing what topics your users or customers are writing in about, then it may be interesting to set up a Category-based tagging system.

This can be applied with a Required Tagging rule to prompt your teammates to categorise the conversations as they come in. 
Here's a brief overview of the setup and workflow:

  • Create a list of the main topics your customers write in about
    • Be sure to include a "Miscellaneous" or "Other" tag to allow for further development of the list
  • Create a Tag for each of the topics within Front
    • Maybe with a certain colour or emoji to make them stand out to your teammates
  • Then configure a Required Tagging rule for your inbox using the tags you've created
    • When a customer writes in to your team, your users will respond to them as they usually would
    • Upon Archiving the conversation with their response, the Front teammate will be prompted to first select one of the tags from the pre-defined list


You can then use the Tags Report in Analytics to track the volume of these categories for a given period. 📈


Another approach to organising your Support queue could be in regards to customer size. If you're looking to provide a "White-Glove" or VIP experience to your larger customers, you can identify them using a combination of Custom Account Fields and tagging rules. 

Within a Custom Account Field, identify the "level" of the account, either directly within Front, or synced with an external CRM. Then create tags for each level that can be added via rule when someone from that Account writes into your team.


These tags can also be used for volume metrics, as well as SLA Rules to achieve tiered response times for your customers.


The joy with tagging workflows is that many options and combinations are possible to fine-tune your team's day-to-day work to suit your use case. 👍🏷️